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Leaders Who Worship

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Pastor Jerome Chaney


Pastor Jerome came to know the LORD in his youth.  He has served God in the Church through Music Ministry, Men's Ministry, Special Events, on the Official Board and as a Sunday School Teacher. The LORD has gifted him with a heart that has sought to right social inequity in the lives of men, woman, boys and girls for twenty years in his work as an Entrepreneur. Pastor Jerome seeks to encourage the lost and wearied to know that there is hope in God. He especially has a heart to see marriages and homes restored and families in the true Worship of our loving God. Jerome enjoys sharing in the service and work of Destined to Worship Ministries with his wife, Vorlea Chaney. 






Pastor Vorlea Chaney


Pastor Vorlea Chaney was introduced to Christian discipleship at the invitation of an Air Force Chaplain while serving in the military. She learned about God her Father. Jesus became her Savior and Friend and the Holy Spirit her Guide and Mentor.  She was liscensed and ordained  and has served in various capacities in ministry for over twenty five years. This servant-leader is a mentor, author, certified devleopment coach and a mentee of Pastor Kimberly Jones. Pastor Vorlea's ministry has taken her as far as to the shores of Sierra Leone, Africa.  Pastor Verl, as she is affectionately known, receives her greatest joy serving, loving and exhorting the people of God, engaging the ministry of intercession and turning the heart of the believer toward the True and Living God through unbridled worship and the gift of teaching. She is honored to share in the service and work of Destined to Worship Ministries, with her husband of over thirty years, Pastor Jerome Chaney. 


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