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Pink Salt

God-Life Coaching Services

Hi there, my name is Vorlea and my life purpose and passion is to convince you that living your best life lies within an intimate relationship with the True & Living God!!! Men and Women of God your best life is ahead of you!! Your best and only hope for a life of blessings, power and purpose is unbridled surrender to God and I am here to coach you into your now season and moment. Below is a program especially for you!!! 


Individual 21 Day Spiritual Transformation Program, ReCALIBRATE.8 21 ($240)

ReCALIBRATE.821 coaching program is for the individual that wants to realign their relationship with God through the study of the word of God and prayer. Each day the individual will complete a daily assignment in the ReCALIBRATE.821 workbook that is designed to strengthen the client in a particular area of Kingdom living. 


(Six month commitment)


B.A.L.L. (Balance for Abundant Life Living) mentoring program is for an individual or group of people that are looking for accountability and guidance to grow and develop in your personal, professional and or spiritual life. The mentee will glean from the mentor’s skill-sets, experiences and expertise through one to one and group sessions during a six-month period. 

Individual Introductory Program (I.M.A.G.E.S.) 5 one hour sessions ($350)

I Manage All Goals Effectively Selah (I.M.A.G.E.S.)  program is for the individual that has never engaged the coaching gift and desires to discover its benefits and begin to establish new patterns of behaviors. Throughout the life of the five-session program, the coach will help the client discover personal vision and work with the client to begin to develop a strategic plan to achieve it.

One – to- One

($65/1 hour).


P.I.N.K. (Powerful Insight Nurturing Knowledge)  sessions are for individuals or organizations (including churches) that are desiring to create or re-arrange systems and workflow to improve quality of services offered and training for leadership teams; positively impacting outcomes.

What Our Clients Say

Pink Salt

J. Johnson

My coaching experience with Vorlea has yielded tangible results. She is full of wisdom, strategy insight, and creativity. The greatest benefits in being coached by Vorlea is discipline, which seems to be a natural thing for her. Discipline is one of the things I needed most and her consistency in my coaching process helped me get the results I needed. I recommend her for anyone who is ready for change, and really ready to do the work!

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